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Computing in Comfort

Computing in comfort—just wearing my diaper and adult diaper panties.

It’s rare that I wear much, if any, clothing at home. I’m often naked when I’m home, but if I’m not naked I’m usually dressed in my “comfort clothing”—just my diaper and either plastic panties or, as shown in the photo above, my Leakmaster PUL Adult Diaper Panties.

Naked computing in comfort.

I often use my iPad 2 for Web browsing and for writing projects such as posting to this blog. But my laptop still gets a lot of use, too, as shown in this photo. Actually this is a previous laptop—time to update this photo. I’ll work on that.

One of my toughest decisions of the day, when I’m home alone, is what to wear: do I work naked, like this, or wear my diaper and plastic panties? What a dilemma. Sometimes I throw a bra into the mix, too—I love wearing a bra around the house without a top to cover it.

Panties in Motion

Panties in motion

Most of the photos on this blog are taken with my iPhone. And many of them are stylized in some way—special effects, done in processing the photos after they’ve been taken. There are lots of apps available on the iPhone just for that purpose, and I enjoy experimenting with them. This shot of me in my diaper and plastic panties is an example of one, made to look like it was shot with a very slow shutter speed.


With my diaper and plastic panties pulled down to show you my penis.

There have been dozens, maybe hundreds of different words used to refer to the male sex organ. Cock, dick, schlong, johnson, lingam, phallus, and prick to name just a few. But by far my favorite is its proper anatomical name—PENIS. Penis is much more of a turn-on for me than any of the other terms. I like saying it, I like hearing it, I like reading it, I even like typing it.

I know some think penis is too clinical of a term. But that doesn’t bother me at all. There is no doubt or ambiguity what you’re talking about when you call it a penis, and no need to know the context in which the term is used. A penis is a penis is a penis.

But I’m not at all offended or turned off by other terms. If you want to refer to it as my dick, or my cock, that’s perfectly fine. All I’m saying is that I like the term, penis, best.

By the way, the photo above is one I took last week, with my diaper and plastic panties pulled down a bit so you could see my penis clearly.

Why I Wear Diapers

Wearing one of my favorite pull-on diapers.

I wear diapers for several reasons, some easy to understand, and others I accept but don’t fully understand.

The practical reasons are easy.

First, I have a relatively mild case (self-diagnosed) of urge incontinence. When I have to pee, I have to pee NOW. As much as I try to plan ahead, frequently I get no warning, and when I get the urge to go I have about a minute before I start to lose control. No problem if you’re wearing a diaper, but bad news otherwise.

Second, I have a job that limits my access to a bathroom, sometimes for several hours at a time. Added to the urge incontinence issue, it pretty much guarantees accidents are going to happen. And they did, several times, before I found a solution in wearing diapers.

Third, I’m on a diuretic for high blood pressure. So I have to pee more, and more often. Added to everything else, diapers are a logical solution.

Other reasons are more complex.

I LIKE wearing diapers, and have for as long as I can remember. Part of it is sexual—the fantasy of another adult changing me, and seeing and touching my most private areas, is very exciting. I’ve only actually experienced an adult changing me a couple of times in my adult life, and it was wonderful. I get an erection just thinking about it.

I love the FEELING of having a diaper on—the extra thickness of the diaper between my legs and over my genital area just feels really good.

Being able to release a little pee into my diaper, and put off a trip to the bathroom, feels good, too. The squishy, expanded front of a slightly wet diaper is wonderful.

I love the SCENT of my pee, and the way my diaper smells when it’s first wet. Sometimes in bed at night, I’ll slide my hand down the front of my diaper for a minute, then fall asleep with the scent of pee on my hand resting on the pillow in front of my face.

The rustling SOUNDS diapers sometimes make when you’re wearing them are a turn-on. Plastic-backed diapers, and some types of plastic panties, can be especially noisy. I suspect this might be related to my exhibitionistic side, increasing the risk of getting caught wearing diapers. But the sound is a turn-on even when I’m home alone.

The bottom line is that diapers are COMFORT CLOTHING for me—very similar to the feelings I have when I’m wearing women’s clothing. I’m more relaxed, and yet more excited at the same time. It’s difficult to explain, but I suspect others who like wearing diapers can relate.

I haven’t mentioned diapers being an expression of the adult baby part of me. I’ll write more about that in a future post.

Plastic Panties and Diapers

I love wearing plastic panties over my diapers.

Ever since I was about three years old and got caught trying on my baby brother’s plastic panties, I’ve had a thing for them. I love the feel of them, the texture, the slight noise they make when you’re walking or pulling them up over your diaper. Even the scent, however slight, is a turn-on.

I love wearing diapers, too. Part of the pleasure is the thickness, the feel of them between your thighs and surrounding your genitals. If they were practical for me, I’d wear cloth diapers, with the plastic panties over them. But I don’t have the time or facilities to launder them, so I wear disposables.

Plastic-backed disposables are the best—I love the crinkling noises they make every time you move! But they’re becoming impossible to buy locally, only available online, and they’re expensive, too. The cloth-like backed diapers are also more practical in larger sizes—they usually stay fastened better. So when I’m off work, that’s usually what I wear.

For workdays, I wear pull-on disposable diapers. It’s not practical for me to carry a diaper bag to work, so I need diapers I can easily slide down and back up again when I have to go, so one diaper lasts all day. At home I wear plastic panties over the disposables, but I don’t wear them to work—the plastic panties would be too hot, and they don’t last very long when I wear them to work. So just the pull-ups for work.

More on why I wear diapers in another post.